Since the overthrow in 1893, we as Native Hawaiians have been working to reestablish our Nation. Over 100 of us came together in February of 2016. We wrote and adopted our Kumu Kānāwai, the first Constitution in over 120 years that will be brought before our people for ratification. With our ʻāina and resource base still beyond our control, we are raising private funds to move our efforts forward!

This is a critical time. Similar forces that overthrew our Queen over 120 years ago still threaten current programs and institutions benefitting our people. It is time for us to start laying a stronger foundation for future generations to control their own destiny once again as a people.
— John D. Waihe‘e, Governor State of Hawai‘i 1986-1994


We seek to raise $2 million, with at least a quarter of that coming from individual donations from our ‘ohana and community. This is a true grass roots effort, being driven by us as Hawaiians ourselves, seeking the support of everyone who wants to make Hawai‘i a better Hawai‘i for us all - Native Hawaiians and non- alike.


The Fund

AlohaLāhui is a Collective Action fund established at the Tides Foundation to support our efforts as Native Hawaiians to ‘auamo our kuleana, or fulfill our responsibility, to form our modern Hawaiian government, including raising the funds necessary to do so. The fund was initiated for Hawaiians by Hawaiians who understand that our nation-building efforts must be supported by a variety of resources, including ourselves as individuals.

This is about repositioning ourselves as a lāhui to better ʻauamo our kuleana to educate our keiki, care for ʻohana young and old, and mālama our ʻāina. This makes Hawai‘i better for everyone, but it is our kuleana as kanaka Hawaiʻi first and foremost. I am honored to komo alu like and contribute in whatever way I can!
— Amy D. Kalili, Kupa o Hawaiʻi

call to action

We are making the kāhea, or call, to our community and ‘ohana - Native Hawaiian and non- alike - to join along with us. Whether two, two hundred, or two thousand, every dollar counts and is appreciated. E Alu Like Mai - Join Us - and Donate Now.