How will the $2 million be used?

Funds will be used for outreach to our ʻohana and community, to educate Native Hawaiians on the purpose and urgency of this governance process and on the adopted Constitution in order to urge increased participation in the Ratification of the Constitution. In addition, these resources will also cover the actual running of the Election, voter registration and ancestry confirmation. In the hopeful anticipation of ratification of the Constitution, then all of these same efforts will turn toward the election of the Nation’s officers.


Why isn’t oha funding this?

The use of ceded land revenues for self-governance is under attack in a lawsuit funded by conservative outsiders who don’t believe that Hawaiians have the right of self-determination without the direct participation and voting by non-Hawaiians. While we should be able to use these funds generated from the lands being held in trust for the benefit of Native Hawaiians and it would be pono to use them for programs, advocacy and even these self-determination efforts, there is too much at stake right now to risk further barriers to this historic process that will come up with the use of OHA funding.

This is the last push for us to “uku pau” - finish what our generation started when we put out the call for Aloha ‘Āina. We put ourselves on the line, prayed to our ʻaumakua, passed new laws, and attracted federal and state monies. Now is a time to contribute our own money to deliver sovereignty to the next generation.
— Emmet Aluli, M.D. and Native Hawaiian Rights Activist



The Tides Foundation is a non-profit organization, foundation, and social enterprise dedicated to social change. It was founded in 1976, and is headquartered in San Francisco. Its ties and the ties of its founder with Hawai’i can be traced back to almost its birth, in relationship to Emmett Aluli and the Protect Kaho‘olawe movement. One of the ways Tides supports community-based efforts is in establishing Collective Action Funds - vehicles for many donors and many types of donors to contribute to a dedicated cause, rather than to a single organization. In this case, the dedicated cause is the self-determination of our people.



A small committee including former Gov. Waihe‘e and participants from the ‘Aha. A central ledger will be kept in coordination with Tides and given to the Nation upon inception.